Q. How safe & effective are Cheeka & Cherry products ?
A. ROCKET brand Cheeka & Cherry products are extremely safe & effective. They have been  used on thousand of cars of almost all brands available in India  where almost all car majors have a presence.

Q. How does ROCKET Engine Head & Parts Cleaner work ?
A. The Cylinder Head is removed,washed with pressurised water & immersed in a small tank containing the product & rinsed in presurrised water after one hour. In case any traces of carbon are left just put it back for some more time & repeat the process. The Aluminium Head will look 'new'. Just try it. It works just as well on all engine parts including engine housing & gear box. However, do not use on rubber or plastic parts. It will remove paint also. Results on carburettors are excellent.Maruti Udyog has given approval for its' use.

Q. Does Cheeka & Cherry sell injector cleaners for various Injector Cleaning Machines?
A. Yes, but before ordering please tell us the brand or the type of machine being used. Some use Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems followed by cleaning & calibration with a re-circulatory pump. We offer cleaners for both these stages. A few models use compressed air technology. We offer products for these also.We also sell our own machine based on compressed air technology and also re-circulatory pump system which monitors the pulse flow of fuel.

Q. What kind of polishes do you offer?
A. We offer execellent polishes for Car Body,Tyres, Dashboard & Bumpers.They have long life on application & the results are superb.

Q. What are the other cleaners that you offer?
A. We offer cleaners for Windscreen, Car seats, Radiators & Engine Oil Housing(engine flush).

Q. What are the other products that you offer?
A. We have Radiator Coolant, Battery Terminal Protective Jelly, Engine Decarbonisers, Windscreen Glass Cleaning Water Additive. Floor Cleaners, Phosphating Chemical & Steel Tanks to assist in cleaning of engine parts with our engine head & part cleaners.

Q. Do you also sell any "Hygiene" products?
A. Yes. We have two execellent products. One for 'Hands' cleaning &  the other one for protection before starting the day on the shop floor called Hands Barrier Cream.  They are in use in various workshops.

Q. Which other industry do you serve?
A. We offer excellent motherboard & hardware cleaners for various type of Electronic Products like Computers, TV's, Cellphones etc.

Q. Do you offer additives for engine & gear oil?
A. Yes. These are added much befole the oils are to be changed and these additive is bosting their performance.

Q. Do you offer additives which can be added to car fuel (petrol & diesel) viz petrol to diesel to clean the combustion chambers & simultaneously clean fuel injectors also?
A. Yes.

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